Wonderful Idea Co.

Wonderful Idea Company is a creative design studio developing resources to support the exploration of art, science & technology through making and tinkering

Over the past ten years, Ryan and Nicole have worked together to create inspiring environments, engaging exhibits and impactful professional development workshops at The Exploratorium, a leader in field of STEM education. As founding members of the Tinkering Studio, they co-developed exhibits and activities that have been used, adapted and remixed in many libraries, classrooms, makerspaces and museums. They have worked closely with partners including the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at MIT media lab, Reggio Emilia Schools and the LEGO foundation to develop a deep understanding of the best practices and latest developments in informal education.


Nicole Catrett

is an artist, inventor and tinkerer. Her work blurs the line between art and science in playful and surprising ways.

Ryan Jenkins

is an constructionist educator. he has traveled around the world facilitating collaborative learning experiences.


Who We've Worked With


 Amazeum // Benesse Corporation // Brandeis School of San Francisco // Brightworks // Cabaret Mechanical Theater // CEISMC at Georgia Tech // Chabot Space and Science Center // Chibitronics // The Contemporary Jewish Museum // Google // Joylabz // Juniors Center of Art and Science // Karkhana // The LEGO foundation // Lodestar Community Charter School // MAKE Magazine // Makerlab Extreme // Manylabs // MIT Media Lab // Nexmap // Peabody Essex Museum // Strawbees //  Tinkering School // The Tinkering Studio   






“Ryan and Nicole design whole experiences that combine computing, art, and everyday materials in beautiful and delightfully surprising ways. From the moment you step in, you feel inspired to play, express, and invent — engaging in wonderful ideas along the way.”


"I have worked with Nicole and Ryan many times over the years and they have consistently created engaging and deep learning experiences for educators and students. Their thoughtful and creative introductions to tools and materials empower the educator and reinforce best practices for teaching students. You can expect to come away with renewed enthusiasm and excellent practical skills to support maker-based learning in any environment.”



"Ryan and Nicole are two of the most talented creators and storytellers that I know. I’ve enjoyed working with them and seeing their unique perspective to technology— mixing low tech and high tech materials in creative ways to make something magical, beautiful, playful and inviting. This includes building interactive art installations that inspire us to see the world differently. Or designing workshops for others to get lost in the creative process. Or engaging in research and design journeys that reveal new insights about how we create, learn and share.”



"I’ve worked with Nicole and Ryan at the Exploratorium’s Tinkering Studio many times. Nicole is wonderfully inventive and skilled at making things. Ryan is a great workshop leader, unfailingly enthusiastic and good at encouraging people of any age to make stuff. They are both just amazingly talented."

Tim Hunkin