Setting Up a Shop

As we leave the Exploratorium, one of our first steps is to set up our own space for building and tinkering ourselves. Although we can't recreate the plenitude of tools and materials available to us at the museum, we've put together a nice starter set that we can use to prepare activities and construct environments.

We’re lucky that we can use a garage behind Nicole’s house that actually used to be a underground party venue in the seventies. In its current iteration, Nicole has outfitted the space to be an initial base of operations as we get started in our venture.

Taking inspiration from the Learning Studio workshop, we've arranged a collection of open and accessible materials bins that contain lots of useful parts from colorful thread to scavenged motors to figures from old sports trophies. 

Some of the tools that we plan to be using include our favorites like hot glue guns, soldering irons, and power drills as well as sundry hand tools. As we grow, we'll add equipment to the workshop as needed.

Since we're planning to make larger exhibits and artworks as well, we're taking advantage of Techshop, a community working space that can serve as an extra space for larger projects that require more specialized tools.

It will be a great place to work with a priceless view of the golden gate bridge and an increasingly inspiring collection of playful environmental elements. It's fun to have our own version of a start-up founded in a garage, albeit with our own special tinkering twist.