Animation Stations at Tinkerfest '18

On April 14th, we participated in Tinkerfest, a one-day festival of making and tinkering at Chabot Space and Science Center. It was our second year participating in the event and this year we brought our prototype stop motion animation stations for visitors to play with. 

IMG_0070 (1).JPG

Saskia and Andrea set up a cozy environment for the exhibits and faciliated the activity all day, working with kids and adults as they experimented with the ideas. 

There was a great collection of videos made over the course of the day with titles like "the terror of the octopus" "the bad robot" and "mr dog and ms cat".  I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites. 

This one called simply J, shows a giant scary WICO logo as a sea monster eating a little boat!

Mr Robot Finds a Friend is an epic love story between an unlikely pair with a surprising ending. 

We've been experimenting with laminated thought and text bubble with white board markers and it was really fun to see how dialog adds to the storytelling elements. 

Check out all of the amazing animations created over the course of the day on this vimeo album -


Thanks to all who experimenting with stop motion with us during the event. We're looking forward to the next chance to test out the station.