Last PFA Light Play and Chain Reaction - WICO Summer 2019 6.1

It’s the last week of the summer camp at the Palace of Fine Arts and we have a great group that are really digging into the physical and digital tinkering explorations.

For the first couple days of the program we tried out beetleblocks, made paper airplanes, dissected toys, learned about micro:bit and created some really amazing collaborative installations.

The chain reaction activity really pushed the group in terms of collaboration and iteration, giving learners the chance to work together to put ideas into practice.

Here’s the video of the final chain reaction. There were so many awesome elements including elevated tracks, pendulum wrecking balls, xylophone ramps and all manner of homemade switches to trigger motors or re purposed toy parts.


For light play on Wednesday there were some amazing experiments with the RGB lights, reflective materials and complicated patterns.

We ended up arranging the lightplay boxes in a pyramid shape for the first time which produced a really cool final installation.

As always the reverse side of the light play wall can be also appreciated as a work of art and this time I took a video to capture each of the complicated contraptions that produced the designs. Even after the whole summer of different designs we are still seeing new ideas and fresh perspectives on the activities.