Wonderful Idea Co.






Professional Development Workshops

We value interesting tools and materials, but recognize that people are the most valuable resource in makerspaces. Our hands-on PD workshops give educators, designers, and stakeholders the chance to try activities as learners, reflect on the experience, and leave with practical tools and techniques to get started with tinkering and making.

Creative Coding PD

In our creative coding professional development workshops we will explore computational tinkering — a playful, collaborative, and open-ended approach to exploring digital tools including Scratch programming, BBC Micro:bit and Chibitronics Chibichip. As part of the three-day atelier, educators will experience several hands-on computational tinkering activities as learners, leave with a set of workshop elements, and brainstorm strategies to integrate new technologies to art, science, and making programs. Our next creative coding workshop will take place on May 2nd-4th, 2019.

Tinkering PD Workshops 

Our team of experienced educators travel to schools, museums, makerspaces or conferences around the world to lead engaging hands-on workshops. Half-day to week long sessions give participants the chance to delve into the tinkering approach through activities that support collaboration, agency, and engagement with STEAM topics. All workshops combine experiencing activities as learners, reflecting on the experience and leaving with relevant tools and materials and ideas about how to adapt and modify the experiences over time.