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WICO Workshop: Musique Concrète with Pillow Garden & Memeshift

Wonderful Idea Co. presents a social evening of tinkering for adults (18+) to explore the intersections of art, science and delightful ideas. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced maker, we encourage you to join in the community, slow down and mess around with an interesting collection of high and low tech tools and materials.

In this #WICO workshop led by local artists and musicians Pillow Garden and Memeshift (Sarah H. Chung and Morgan Sully), you will experiment with sound sampling or musique concrète, music constructed by mixing recorded sounds, first developed by experimental composers in the 1940s. Each participant will learn the basics of soldering as they create their own contact mic by adding wires to a piezo electric device.

We'll then spend some time sampling and recording fun objects throughout the space and will then use these recordings to come up with our own 4 bar sequences to play and share!